How do I join Learn to Skate USA?

​You must first join in the Learn to Skate USA program.  Membership is $16 with a processing fee of $1.25.

Once on the site, click ​Skater/Parent of Skater and follow the prompts. You will search for "Lexington, Kentucky" and select the address of Eureka Springs Drive. 

Click this link to enroll: 

Welcome to the Thoroughbred Figure Skating Club!

How do I join the Club?

Next, join the Thoroughbred Figure Skating Club for the first time as a Junior Activity Member (JAM). Membership is $35 plus a small processing fee.

Once on the site, follow the prompts to join as a new member "Apply for Membership".  

Click this link to join the Club: 

How do I join?

If you are enrolled in Lexington Skating Academy's Learn to Skate program, you can join the Club as a Junior Activity Member (JAM).  Membership is available for signup beginning June 1, 2022. This membership will be available for your first time joining the club and good through June 31st, 2023.

You must complete the two different membership steps below, i.e. 

(1) Join Learn to Skate USA;  and

(2) Join the Thoroughbred Figure Skating Club as a JAM member.

Learn to Skate/Junior Activity Membership (JAM)