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Friday, June 17th

Deadline to register: June 7th

Thoroughbred Open Invitational

Joining a club after group lessons is the first step to becoming a more advanced skater.  Thoroughbred Figure Skating Club offers several levels of club membership.

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   Age:  8 years old

   Level: Pre-Preliminary

   Coach: Ben Logan

   Favorite book: Hunger Games

   Favorite foods: Corn dogs, Macaroni and Cheese,

      Apples and Peanut Butter, Chicken Nuggets


   Hobbies: Skating, Shaolin, Certified Therapy Dog

     Handler, Drawing and Painting, Video Editing, listening

     to music and traveling         

    Skating goals: Be as good as I can be and learn

    something new every day.  Maybe Disney on Ice or the


Membership Info

Thoroughbred Figure Skating Club will be hosting a basic skills and beyond competition June 17th-19th.